Day 4: I need coffee



I like finding good random places.

After an appointment that ended at 1030, I was extremely hungry even though I had cereal earlier. So I happened to come across this breakfast place called Kate’s Greek and American Deli . It was this cute little mom and pop shop, packed with a bunch of ole’ timers happily eating their breakfast.

While waiting for my food (which I ordered a hawaiian egg scramble, at a Greek deli… I liked how they were trying to think outside the box) I saw these signs, like the one above and it made me want coffee. Starbucks in particular.

  Then it made me think about how there are those places where you have to travel hours to get a starbucks. Hours. I was grateful I did not live in such a place because I like Starbucks. I am probably brain washed into liking it, but I like it nonetheless.


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