Day 3 : Goddaughter



When I first started getting into photography thing, I took this class where we went around the city and practiced taking pictures with a professional photographer. He gave us tips and answered any questions that we may have had. One of the tips that I remember the most is:

Remember to ask permission if you’re taking a picture of a random person. If they’re at an event doing a performance, then you don’t really have to, but if they’re doing an every day thing…ask. especially if you’re taking picture of a kid, parents are really protective over kids.

That kind of freaked me out since then and I’ve been very careful to not take pictures if people who I don’t know.

Luckily, this cute kid is my goddaughter and…I know her parents well.  She will more than likely be one of my favorite photo subjects of 2014.

Any ways, she’s giving me this ‘you’re so weird’ face, which I had to capture since I’ve seen this gave many a times. Lol


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