Day 0: And so it Begins



The ending of the New Year, and the beginning of a new one is a busy time for people in the Finance world: profits! Debits! Credits!! Agh… Quick, we have to work these numbers on these excel spreadsheets by the deadline! And somehow, in the midst of all this pressure, I found time to think about New year’s resolutions.

I came up with some basic ones: eat healthier, exersize, learn how to bake fancy deserts (which somehow becomes a paradox to the first two, but I am confident I can make it work) but one that I really like that I came up with :

Take time to appreciate life

And so, this is what this blog is about, me appreciating life by taking time out of my busy day -every day -to stop and take  a picture…even how random or unartistic my picture may be. Which, I know there are a lot of good photographers whose every shot is friggin’ National Geographic magazine.quality, and im not even going to compete with that, but im ok with that.

Anyways, I took this picture on my way to a transit tunnel in Seattle. My goal was to take a bus to ChinaTown to a small little hole in a wall called KauKau for some BBQ pork. They’re BBq pork is legend. So.legen I waited 45 minutes to get it, but I know its going to be worth it.


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