Day 30: Seahawk Spirit



Finally got myself to stay late in the city to take a picture of this building. Gotta love the Seahawk energy going around the city. 

Is it Sunday Yet? 


Day 29: Empty Shelves

Food, In the City

Empty ShelvesI apologize for anyone who is getting annoyed of all my Seahawk references in my photographic entries, but this is what’s going on in my city. It’s crazy.

Marshawn Lynch’s success with the Seahawks has heightened the popularity of skittles.  In interviews, he has stated that he grew up with the candy, often eating it before/during games, and now – as a professional football player – eats them to settle his stomach during games.

In a trip to a local grocery store, I sauntered down the candy aisle in search of the candy to have during the upcoming game. It was sold out! I couldn’t believe that what I heard on the news was true. There were no skittles, small/big size bags, in the candy aisle. I’m sure if I look around at a few more store, I’ll find some, but still. That’s nuts!

Day 27: nuts

The office


I moved to my new desk today; its a pretty nice spot by a window and this architectural pipe that says

Nuts tight 6-27…

Immediately I was flabbergasted

“Why would anyone put that? So inappropriate….”

But then thought well maybe they’re talking about the nuts as in “nuts and bolts”.

Of course, me and my inappropriate mind would think the former, but would like to think it means the later.

The nuts were tightened on 6-27.

Bah, it still doesn’t sound right.

Day 26: Best Buy

People People People


This weekend, my husband and I went to Best Buy twice, probably spending a total of 2 hours there.

2 freaking hours.

My husband is a tech nut and into that stuff. We went from looking at speakers, to looking at laptops, to looking at wireless routers, to looking at tvs-dwelling at each section with much thought and contemplation

Going to Best Buy by myself, I probably spend an average of 5 minutes per visit, in and out. But its all good. That’s what people do when they love each other, they go out do things they may not necessarily do, just so to be with the person and experience their joy, even if it is going to Best Buy for a long time.

This picture was taken while I sat on the those reclining chairs and learned about yv technology. Fascinating.

Day 25: Playing both sides

People People People


A coworker came in to work the other day wraring a Broncos beanie, and Seahawks sweats. As I was intently working on my spreadsheets, he tapped me on the shoulder to show me his whole get-up.

“Ugh!” I exclaimed. “Get this guy outta here!”

Its not this guy was even a Broncos fan: throughout the whole football season, he claimed Loyalty to the Seahawks. And now, before the biggest game, he wears a Broncos beanie.

Blasphemy,  I tell you. Blasphemy.

Day 24: say “hello” to my shadow

In the City, People People People


I know, im catching up on these entries, but was experiencing computer issues the past couple of days.

Seattle had a couple of nice, sunny days last week. To be honest, it was a relief to see the sun after so many days of cloudy, gloomy weather.

This picture was taken on a trek to get some lunch with a couple coworkers.  Its funny how you kind of forget what your shadow looks like after so many days in the gloom. And then you see it and it’s like what is that? Oh. Yeah…its my shadow.

I had asked coworkers to do something funny while I photographed their shadow. This picture is of them flicking me off.

Thanks, guys.

Day 23: Dog sweaters



I never really had pets growing up; a stray cat maybe that would run away every now and again, and unfailingly would find its way back to my home to be fed scraps from a meal, but never a pet that I called my own.

Now, I’ve become a dog lover; I become one of those people who buys sweaters for those dogs.

I have another dog who is a male, but who my husband refuses to let me dress. I dont necessarily know for sure if my husband is ok with dressing my girl dog, but he must be if he constantly hugs her for being so cute in her sweater. Lol. I dont go overboad, just a sweater for those times in the winter when the weather is chilly.

Day 22: The Bus Stop



I hate those times when you’re trying to leave work and finish some stuff, you’re timing to leave in 10 – 15 minutes, and then someone sneaks up behind you and says

Oh Good, you’re still here. Can you help me out with something.

It’s always the same person, and in the back of my head I’m like – couldn’t you have asked for my help earlier? like even half an hour earlier? 

But no, they have no concept of the fact that you got to work super early, and are working overtime; that maybe you want to go home and have a life outside of work. No concept at all. 

A part of it is my fault. I don’t say anything to insinuate that I’m in a rush to leave. I just smile and say sure, I’ll help. So maybe I only have myself to blame for always being willing to help. I should work on that, because really, I’m tired of coming into work when it’s dark, and leaving when it’s dark.