A Fairy Tale Path


There is this park in Tucson called Agua Caliente that offers  contrasting scenery to  the normal Tucson landscape with cacti and more cacti. It’s an oasis of sorts and a hidden gem, reminding me of Palm Springs. There’s ducks and turtles in this large body of water that is surrounding by palm trees. On one of the walking paths, I happened upon this scene that reminded me of something from a fairy tale or some epic story like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, where the hero goes and meets the nemesis.

desert oasis1-2


March 16 : Skull Rock


Skull Rock (1 of 1).jpg


During a visit to Palm Springs with some friends, we visited Joshua Tree National Park. We didn’t go through the whole park (they say it takes 2 hours to drive through with no stops), but we did make some stops along along the way, including stopping at  Skull Rock . The rock formations around the park as a whole were impressive, but it’s pretty cool to see how nature decided to make this ‘skull rock’.

Definitely would suggest going and seeing the park if you ever get a chance. It’s great to be in nature because sometimes when you’re stuck in the city or in the burbs where there’s a Target 10 minutes, you forget how great nature is.

March 10 2017: Yogurt Bowl

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yogurt bowl (1 of 1)

Yogurt Bowl from this place called Raw Remedy.

This was a friends yogurt bowl and it looked too delish not to take a picture of before eating. I got one of their smoothies which was pretty good. I don’t remember what it was called, but it was purple and it tasted like it was healthy. I know this because usually with unhealthy stuff there’s just too much sugar from un-natural stuff… and chocolate.